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Moon's Nodes, Lunar Nodes: Martin Schulman
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The Moon's Nodes (Lunar Nodes)
A Tutorial by Martin Schulman

The Moon's Nodes, sometimes referred to as the lunar nodes, represent one of the most fascinating discoveries in Astrology. Yet to understand this important phenomenon, we must first look at what these Nodes are and how their place in the heavens is arrived at.

Astronomy Derivation:  Since the Earth is on a 23.4 degree tilt, the equator (which is an imaginary line around its center) is also tilted. If we were to make another line (or orbit) around this same center of the earth, but this time, keep the line perfectly horizontal so that it lines up with the Earth's orbit around the Sun, instead of being tilted, this line would be the Ecliptic (symbolizing the place where most eclipses occur). See diagram below.

      ecliptic path

As the moon moves in its own orbit, it moves above and below the ecliptic plane, actually crossing the ecliptic twice each month. If it crosses the ecliptic during new moon, a solar eclipse occurs. When this happens during full moon, a lunar eclipse occurs. The ancients used this to trace the ecliptic along the sky, by marking the places where eclipses could occur.

Astrology Derivation If we trace the path of the Moon, we find it making an ascending path up over the ecliptic into Northern latitudes, then follow a descending path down into Southern latitudes. These Northern and Southern paths, are called the Ascending and Descending Nodes of the moon.

The Ascending Node (through northern latitudes) is called The North Node, while the Descending Node (through southern latitudes) is called the South Node.

On a very simplistic level, the North Node has traditionally been thought of as having a benefic influence (similar to the nature of Venus and Jupiter). In this same way, the South Node has been assigned malefic qualities (similar to the nature of Mars and Saturn).

If we look a little deeper we might see how the North Node as it ascends, holds within it the promise of the future, while the South Node as it descends symbolizes the receding past that must be overcome if there is to be a future. Yet, it is too easy with this definition to think that one should only aspire to reach for the North Node and relinquish the South Node, for often, the South Node (the past) holds within it the memories (the Moon rules memories) that can be built on in order to go forward. If we completely discard the past, then our future would be empty, toneless and void of meaningful connection to the roots we built to reach towards it.

Because of this, the Nodes represent a complex interplay between what we have already been through in time we have already used, and what lies ahead in time we have not yet experienced.

Karmic Astrology: The Moon's Nodes If we look even deeper on esoteric levels, then we confront the fact that there must be a place where the soul enters the body. Remember, the Moon rules birth as well as memory. Thus, it becomes possible to understand how a soul (complete with all its past-life memories hidden deeply in the subconscious) could enter through the South Node of the Moon (at birth). In doing this, it would bring with it the past-life karma, experiences and soul memories of all it has achieved in prior lifetimes along with all it has left unfinished to be worked on in this lifetime.

In this way, the South Node and its accompanying North Node (representing new untried experiences in the as yet unformed future), set the individual's life path right from birth,- giving direction, purpose and a lifetime of lessons to be learned, ultimatley to result in personal evolution, perhaps even spiritual growth. Thus, the Nodes are an important part of the individual's resources, as they point to one's direction or "path in life."

This "life-path" concept can be traced all the way back to the Sefiroth Tree of Life of the Kaballists in Ancient Hebrew mysticism, for even then it was recognized that any of eight paths to life were possible, and that an individual could follow any one of these to enlightenment with success if he put forth the effort.

Modern Astrology denotes twelve paths to life and goes a step further inasmuch as the individual's choice of what path they take, is not an arbitrary decision, but rather a continuaton of lessons they have started in past incarnations and not yet fully mastered. Here too, we see the implication that the soul is seeking perfection, as it reincarnates lifetime after lifetime, each time learning a bit more in the way of perfecting its true essence, until after many lifetimes, it grows spiritually perfected enough to become a divine part of "God."

Thus, the Moon's Nodes become Karmic Paths for one to follow that can build on past-life experiences, with new overlays of understanding reached in this life and future lives, - always growing closer to the light! It is in this spirit of divine evolution as our ultimate purpose in life, that I have written The Karmic Astrology Series of books. I hope you find it enlightening and as enjoyable as I did discovering how significant these Moon's Nodes are in pointing out our true purpose in life. You can find this work at the link below..

Martin Schulman

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Moon's Nodes, Lunar Nodes: Martin Schulman